Building Your Application

Next.js provides the building blocks to create flexible, full-stack web applications. The guides in Building Your Application explain how to use these features and how to customize your application’s behavior.



The sections and pages are organized sequentially, from basic to advanced, so you can follow them step-by-step when building your Next.js application. However, you can read them in any order or skip to the pages that apply to your use case.




apply to your use case:适用于您的用例

If you’re new to Next.js, we recommend starting with the Routing, Rendering, Data Fetching and Styling sections, as they introduce the fundamental Next.js and web concepts to help you get started. Then, you can dive deeper into the other sections such as Optimizing and Configuring. Finally, once you’re ready, checkout the Deploying and Upgrading sections.

如果你是Next.js的新手,我们建议从RoutingRenderingData FetchingStyling部分开始学习,因为它们介绍了基本的Next.js和Web概念帮助你入门。然后,你可以深入研究其他部分,比如OptimizingConfiguring。最后,当你准备好时,请查看DeployingUpgrading部分。